InfoChagas: Pasa la voz

Presentation "InfoChagas - Pasa la voz", by ISGlobal and Coalición Chagas, about the Chagas disease, its distribution worldwide and how to treat it.

Object Health 11 – Chagas: A silent disease

Chagas disease affects an estimated 10 million people in the world. In spite of that, there is many people who hasn't heard about it yet. Spain is the European country the highest number of people affected by Chagas disease.

Chagas disease: Life cycle of the parasite (humanos stages)

This motion graphic shows the human stages of the Trypanosoma cruzi-the parasite that causes Chagas disease-life cycle. For more information, visit

InfoChagas: What you need to know about Chagas disease

A playlist with the main videos created for the site.

Chagas: Let’s Raise Our Voices!

Informative video produced by the Global Chagas Disease Coalition.


A documentary film about Chagas disease created by Anna Lucas.

Chagas: A Neglected Disease

Presentation created by ISGlobal to spread the fight against Chagas disease.

Chagas: A Disease That Can No Longer Be Neglected

This publication summarises the essential facts about Chagas disease.

Vigilancia comunitaria de la enfermedad de Chagas

A pamphlet published in Bolivia to promote and strengthen community surveillance of Chagas disease.

Cuidemos la limpieza y el orden de nuestras viviendas para evitar enfermedades

A fact sheet published in Bolivia with advice on steps everyone can take in the home to prevent disease transmission.

Denunciemos a las vinchuecas que viven en nuestras casas

Leaflet published in Bolivia with advice on how to check a house for the insects that can transmit Chagas disease.

Chagas: Saqirasqa unquy

This presentation in Quechua summarises the main points we know about Chagas disease.