Combating the kissing bug

One of the best ways to avoid contracting Chagas disease is to avoid exposure to the insect that transmits the parasite—the kissing bug. In the countries where this insect is found it has many names, such as vinchuca, chinche, chipo, pito, barbeiro or chichá guazu.

First, you should check whether there are kissing bugs living in your home or nearby buildings. If you find any evidence of infestation you should follow the advice given below.

Report the presence of the insect vector to the local Chagas programme or health authorities.

Arrange with the local authority to have the house fumigated.

Continue to check your home for the bugs, keep the space tidy and take steps to eliminate cracks and fissures in the walls or roof where the bugs can nest.

When preparing juices or foods, take great care that the ingredients do not come into contact with the kissing bug to prevent any possible contamination.